Custom Blended Treatments for Every Hair Type

Deep Conditioning TreatmentsIs your hair dull, brittle or dehydrated. Do you have dry scalp? If so, you need Salon One’s utimate custom blended Deep Conditioning Treatment! Deep conditioning treatments are formulated for each client’s hair texture and desired result. Plus, these conditioning treatment can be added on to any service.

Deep Conditioning treatments can restore and strengthen the hair. It can also moisturize dry scalp and help you from itching and minimize those embarrassing flakes that may form over time. Conditioning treatments are a major benefit when it comes to colored or chemically treated hair. It gives back the shine and repairs the hair leaving it feeling and looking its best!

The Deep Conditioning Treatment Process

“A client came in and said, ‘She couldn’t keep her hands out of her hair. She was obsessed with how good it felt.'”

Your stylist will evaluate your hair stylist and prescribe the appropriate conditioning treatment that is custom blended to achieve the best overall results. This process can take 15-30 minutes depending on the condition of the hair and desired result. Salon One offers other protein treatments that can be discussed should you require a more extensive treatment like a Keratin Treatment.

How Long Will It Last

5 Star ReviewsDeep Conditioning Treatments can add moisture when hydration is lacking and/or revive and soften the most stressed or overworked hair. It may take more than one conditioning treatment to feel the full effects.

Depending on your home care, a deep conditioning treatment can last up to four weeks. Your stylist will give you a recommendation on how to care for your hair before your next service.

After Care

A recommendation from your stylist is the best option when it comes to choosing the right product(s) for a healthy home care regimen.


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Salon One Wellesley Loyalty Program