It’s not just another hair conditioning treatment! This three part treatment multiplies and rebuilds broken bonds, eliminates breakage, seals damaged bonds, makes hair stronger and healthier, color is longer lasting with more vibrancy and works on all hair types. It is a three-part process; First we add the bond multiplier to any service of choice, secondly the bond perfector is applied after the rinsing process. Then we give you your very own take home regimen that is recommended to be used once a week.

Olaplex can be added onto ANY chemical service (coloring, lightening, perming, chemical straightening) and pairs very well with the Smoothing Treatments.

Keratin Express Blowout

Hair TreatmentHave you been fighting your hair for too long and need a quick solution? Our Keratin Express Blowout is a one and a half hour service delivers the ultimate shine, softness, silky texture and more manageable hair without the wait! Our Keratin Express treatment utilizes trionic keratin protein and an advanced, co-polymer delivery system to reduce frizz and curl in all hair types.

A Keratin Express Blowout is perfect for all over as well as targeted areas of the hair. You hair can be washed in twenty-four hours after the treatment and the results last six-to- eight weeks.

Keratin Complex

Revitalize, Rejuvenate and Restore Your Natural Beauty. Is your hair dull, frizzy, damaged or unmanageable? Salon One has chosen the perfect Keratin Complex just for you.

“It’s funny, we hear it all the time. A hair treatment always makes you want to say, ‘I wish I had done that a long time ago’.” -Jill

This revolutionary treatment will smooth, condition and relax your hair. It adds strength, moisture, and elasticity in your hair making it shiny, frizz-free, smooth and manageable. A complimentary consultation will be performed to evaluate your hair and its condition before scheduling your appointment. Allow for approximately two and a half hours.

Demineralizing Treatment

5 Star ReviewsDemineralizing treatments are designed to remove chlorine and hard water minerals built up in the hair. It removes the green tint caused by swimming pools and the orange caused by well water. This treatment is recommended before all chemical services in order to achieve maximum results with your salon service.

Your hair stylist will evaluate your hair before performing this treatment and discuss the appropriate steps that should be taken to prep the hair before any service. This treatment can take up to thirty-five minutes.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Is your hair dull, brittle dehydrated. Do you have dry scalp? You need Salon One’s ultimate custom blended Deep Conditioning Treatment that is formulated just for you! Deep conditioning treatments are formulated for each client’s hair texture and desired result. Plus, these conditioning treatment can be added on to any service.

Treatments can add moisture when hydration is lacking and/or revive and soften the most stressed or overworked hair. Deep Conditioning Treatments can restore and strengthen the hair. It can also moisturize dry scalp and help you from itching and minimize those embarrassing flakes that may form over time. Conditioning treatments are a major benefit when it comes to colored or chemically treated hair. It gives back the shine and repairs the hair leaving it feeling and looking its best!

Hair Glossing Treatment

A Hair Glossing Treatment is not a conditioner. It is an intense hyper shine gloss that seals the cuticle of the hair leaving your hair, healthy and shiny. It is applied at the sink , on wet hair and can be processed under steam or under a processing cap for 5-7 minutes. It can last up to 4-6 weeks depending on your home care.

This treatment does not alter your hair color in any way, and some clients found this treatment has made their hair more manageable.


  • Keratin Blowout $150+
  • Keratin Complex $300+
  • Olaplex $30+
  • Demineralizing Treatment $40+
  • Glossing or Shine $20+
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment $25+
  • Ouidad Treatment $50+
  • Ouidad Omega-3 Revitalize Treatment $60+


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