Revitalize, Rejuvenate and Restore Your Natural Beauty.

keratin treatmentIs your hair dull, frizzy, damaged or unmanageable? Salon One has chosen the perfect Keratin Treatment just for you! Our experts are driven to perform the most outstanding services that leaves you with desirable results – healthy, shiny looking hair.

This revolutionary treatment will smooth, condition and relax your hair. It adds strength, moisture, and elasticity in your hair making it shiny, frizz-free, smooth and manageable. Isn’t it time to love your hair?

The Keratin Complex Process

5 Star ReviewsA complimentary consultation will be performed to evaluate your hair and its condition before scheduling your appointment. Allow for approximately two and a half hours. When it is time for your keratin treatment, your hair will be clarified several times to prep and remove any build up on the hair.

“We were all born with perfect hair. A Keratin Treatment will help to it back to it’s natural state.” -Paula

Once the hair is clarified, it will then be dried 100% and ready for the keratin complex application. Beginning at the nape the keratin will be applied on to sections of the hair and ending around the hair line in the front. The hair will process for approximately twenty minutes and then be completely blown dry before the final step. A flat iron will be applied to the hair using appropriate heat that is personalized for each individual hair texture.

How Long With A Keratin Complex Last?

Depending on your home care, this treatment can last up to 12 weeks or longer. We suggest sulfate-free products as this will prolong the life of your keratin.

Once the process is completed, you must wait three days (72 hours) before washing or putting any clips into the hair as this may alter the results. Avoid from getting any moisture into the hair, if possible. Should this occur, dry area and flat iron, leaving the hair down.

The use of Sulfate-free products are recommended along with other select keratin treatment products which will ensure longevity of the treatment.


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Salon One Wellesley Loyalty Program